Manage documents with mugendocs

Let mugendocs take care of your documents and you take care of your business!

  • An intelligent document management platform designed to help businesses manage, organize, and track documents and information
  • Offers you the benefits of Scalability, Accessibility, Integration, Data security, Document sharing, Systematic document organization, and time & cost efficiency

Our Features

Scan, Upload and Manage

Scan and upload the documents and maintain them in a safe centralized repository.

Role Based Access

Set user roles as needed. Allow document upload, read, write, approve or define departmental admins.

Drag n Drop

File and folders from your drive. Move, Copy, Rename documents.

Version Control

Find the latest and previous document versions, Activity details and Manage versions.

Powerful Yet Simple

Designed for everyday users!

Our simple interface makes it easy for anyone to manage & find the document they need!

Document search

Text and filter based search to quickly find a document

Smart folders!

Facilitate finding by grouping files based on what they are, rather than where they are stored

Hybrid deployment

You can choose between on-premise and cloud deployment or utilize both in a hybrid set up