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Mugendocs is a Document Management Software (DMS) solution which allows organizations to digitally save, organize and manage their day to day documents in a centralized repository. It enables collaborative document management by empowering teams to collectively add and maintain documents, at the same time ensuring multi-level security which meets every organizations security requirements.

Mugendocs offers variety of features for organizations of all size, be it small, medium or large. Some of the key features include: Role Based Access Control, Drag & Drop files and folders upload, Version control, Text based search, File and folder sharing, Data security & Backup, Application integration: It can integrate with a wide array of business applications to help you create and process documents smartly.

You can upload documents of various types like Images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc. You can even upload audio and video files.

A document management software solution can clearly bring some of the critical business improvements:

  • You can get rid of manual and paper-based document management process
  • Central document and information repository
  • Flexibility and ease of access
  • Better data security and process control
  • Reduction in waste of resources, time and cost efficiency through automation of document management process
  • Quick and easy search of documents whenever required

You can have Mugendocs setup in either of the way:

  • In-cloud and on-premise deployment. The solution gives you the option if you want it on the cloud or on your local machines without sacrificing functionality and capability.
  • Hybrid deployment: You can choose between on-premise and cloud deployment or utilize both in a hybrid set up, whichever best meets your business requirements.

Yes, Role based access control (RBAC) is one of the main features of Mugendocs. RBAC ensures that each user gets access and performs actions that are governed by the assigned role as each role has different set of access rights. Such a feature conforms to the requirement that different users in an organization will have different controls as per their designation and scope of organizational work.

Yes, documents of different types and even folders can be shared with users who are on Mugendocs. Besides, you can also control the level of sharing (Read only, Edit, Upload etc.) as per individual recipient.

The biggest benefit that differentiates Mugendocs from other document management software solutions is its scalability, accessibility and integration. Most DMS solutions are standard packages which are not too flexible for further customization and integration with an organization’s existing systems. Besides, its user interface is very simple for users from different professional background, yet it offers powerful features to ensure a smooth and efficient document management solution.

Mugendocs document management software is designed to help both individuals and businesses manage, organize, and track in documents and information. Apart from organizational folders, you can also create personal folders and manage your documents online.

It’s easy! You can simply sign up to avail a free trial using the “Try Free” option and share your interest in Mugendocs. We offer you 14 days of free trial (No credit card required) so you can realize the benefits, and once satisfied our team will further understand your individual/organizational requirements to offer you the best buying option.

You can choose from monthly to yearly subscription options however we can assure you to get a best subscription after finding your exact requirements.

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