Simple yet Powerful

Mugendocs answers your document management worries

  • Designed for everyday users! Our simple interface makes it easy for anyone to manage & find the document they need!
  • Smart folders! Facilitate finding by grouping files based on what they are, rather than where they are stored.
  • Hybrid deployment: You can choose between on-premise and cloud deployment or utilize both in a hybrid set up.

Scan, Upload and Manage

Mugendocs makes your dream of paperless office come true. You can scan and store documents in a folder created on Mugendocs. Moreover, it supports all types of files for online storage (Image files, Documents <PDF, Doc, and XLs>, Presentations and even Audio/Video).

Drag & Drop

Simply drag n drop single or multiple files. You can even upload a folder by drag n drop!

Role Based Access

If you have multiple users managing your documents and wish to provide limited access such as some may only upload documents, some should only read or write and selective people can approve the uploaded documents, then the Role-based access feature of Mugendocs helps you limit user access. Simultaneously, you can access documents anytime and anywhere.

Move, Copy & Rename

You will always have the ease of moving, copying or renaming your files and sub-folders as needed.

Data Security

Our multi-level security features ensures credible security and integrity of your data!

Document Sharing

Enjoy a collaborative working experience with our document sharing feature. Our systems keeps you notified about all shared files!

Other Features

Version Control

Backup and Security

Text Based Search

File Sorting by name/date

File Ordering by list/grid

Alerts and Notifications

MIS Reports